The cinema of romance |

The cinema of romance

On Oct. 9, I picked up my girlfriend Melody Blaz, and we drove around town running errands.

While I was driving, I asked, “Melody, if you could be in love in a movie, which movie would you want to be in love in?” She smiled and without even batting an eye said, “The American President.” When I asked why, she replied, “I appreciate the way he shows his love for her with light-hearted humor.” We both giggled and then I asked her if she wanted to go watch my niece, Mikala Strum, play soccer. “Great!” she said, so we headed to the soccer field in Grass Valley.

Soccer moms and dads lined the field, cheering in excitement as their children ran back and forth, sideways and “every” which way trying to score “that” winning goal. There was a lull in the game and I asked, “Does anyone have a pen I can use and a piece of paper I can keep?” Soccer dad Andy Mabey came to my rescue. I thanked him and said, “Andy, I have a question for you. If you could be in love in a movie, which movie would you want to be in love in?” He smiled and said, “Pearl Harbor.”


“The movie was beautiful, and ironically in the end … it all worked out.”

Christine Peterson giggled and said, “‘Tequila Sunrise.'”


“Watch the movie.” Christine replied with a smile.

I turned to Debbie Irvin. Her answer: “‘An Officer and A Gentlemen'” Her reason, “Because it’s just romantic.”

My sister, Ann Strum, jumped in and said, “I want a part-time husband that comes home every weekend, takes me out on the town, leaves me money and then goes away!” My sister never could answer a question correctly, but we all took a vote and decided that she was onto something.

Debbie Resnick, leaning back in her lawn chair, smiled and said, “The Way We Were.” There was no need for her to explain a thing.

I then found a husband-and-wife team. Ryan Rodriques said, “In love in a movie? I don’t know.” He then said, “‘Sleepless in Seattle,’ because it’s the only movie that comes to mind.” His wife, Tammy Rodriques, answered, “‘Meet Joe Black.’ I liked the scene in the coffee house. It was love at first sight.” Her husband quickly jumped in and said, “Don’t lie. It’s because Brad Pitt is in it.”

As we were leaving the game, I came upon Lori Deniz. She said, “‘Robin Hood’ because he would go to the ends of the earth for her.”

Almost to the parking lot, I cornered soccer referee, Dan Vielhauer. His was heartfelt. “We Were Soldiers” was his choice, and his reason, “Because I’d be off fighting a war and absence makes the heart grow fonder.”

Soccer referee Will Havard 14, said, “James Bond – because James Bond falls in love with lots of beautiful women.”

After the soccer game, Melody and I decided to go have lunch at the Penn Valley Grill located off Pleasant Valley Road. The lunch was fantastic and the service was exceptional. Our waitress, Caity Everson, 17, was a delight. I decided I would ask her the “question” of the day. When she said, “The Wizard of Oz,” I was surprised by her answer, but when she added, “It’s a classic. I loved watching that movie as a child … and there is ‘no place like home,'” I smiled. Caity’s friends came in for lunch so I asked them, too. Caitlin Langston, 15, said ” ‘The Titanic’ … because she loved him until the end, and forever.” Serina Martineau, 17, chose “‘Dirty Dancing’ because it was secretive and romantic … and nobody puts ‘Baby’ in the corner.”

I had to ask my daughters. Shae Gippner, 16, said, “51st Dates.” Her reason: … “He had to make her fall in love with him every, single day!” Heidi Gippner, 18, said, “’13 Going on 30,’ because she falls in love with her best friend.”

My favorite movie? “White Christmas.” Why? Because the best things do happen while you’re dancing. … It is best to count your blessings instead of sheep and not all things are what they seem!

I learned on this “Saturday to Remember” that each person smiled with the thought that they could be in love in a movie. I also learned that everyone, with the exception of the high school James Bond trio, had different answers.

Maybe love is more than “Men being from Mars, and Women being from Venus.” Maybe we actually do live on the same planet but just haven’t taken the time to watch the movie. I highly recommend that if you have a favorite love story, watch it with the person you love. When the movie is over, cut to the chase and say, “That’s what I want … right there!” It’s not the person who’s playing the part that we’re after, it’s the lines that are being recited.


Gina Gippner is a Penn Valley resident and mother of three. She can be reached via e-mail at or computer chat at

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