The chasm between heaven and hell |

The chasm between heaven and hell

Freud spoke of universal symbols, stemming from the subconscious, that have the same universal meaning. I suppose this is mass consciousness memory implanted in our DNA (?).

Joseph Campbell brilliantly and poetically described it in the story of myths. True art and beauty also speak a universal language, (bypassing the analytical and diversionary (L) brain ego) speaking directly to the heart and soul. In this space we are one humankind with the same longing for happiness and rejection of unhappiness.

But in this spiritual universality there are also definite differences. Science reveals a multiplicity of life expressions. Each snowflake is unique and each human is also different from any other.

Therefore, it is not surprising that all true religions have differences but have one universal truth flowing from its center. Unconditional, universal love flows from the center of Christianity. The cross of Christ reveals a love so life-giving, beautiful and divine that no intellectual argument impedes its power. The gospel of Christ is simply this – sin separates humankind from God (love). Jesus died for our sins.

We can be restored and receive God’s love through Jesus. He wants us to be happy – have heaven – and avoid unhappiness – hell. We have a history and guidebook, the Bible. Other true religions have their authentic scriptures also. But only in Christ did God die for your and my karmic debt (and all who believe and accept the gift of salvation). Then we work out our salvation with trembling and fear. We follow the same path as our leader so that our love for Him is complete. Therefore the drama of karma actually works for our salvation and has lots its power to enslave us to this body of death.

Wiccan uses omnipresent potent power to produce ego desires and manifestation (not necessarily evil) but the user is still bound by the law of karma, sin and death, Satan’s domain.

There is a difference as wide and deep as heaven is from hell.

Therefore, to suggest Christianity patterned its faith from Wiccan is fallacious.

Universal symbols speak to the unconscious and are found in all cultures and religions.

Beth Pekarek


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