That timeless leadership tool: the lawn dart |

That timeless leadership tool: the lawn dart

Sometimes, people ask what it takes to be the editor of a newspaper. Oh, it’s a complex formula of experience, talent and good fortune, analyzed through a tireless selection process.

In our case, the publisher blindly lobbed a lawn dart across the newsroom, and I was the one lucky enough to find it embedded in my shoulder. Picking a president should be this easy.

So for the next few weeks, I’ll be helping fill in as we hunt for a permanent news czar. I’ll also try to keep you folks updated on what’s going on around here. Of course, you can feel free to swing by and check it out for yourself. But, you know, watch out for the lawn darts.

Our expansion’s under way

First off, our long-awaited building expansion has officially begun, though we probably won’t start tearing down walls until Wednesday or so. For now, crews are working on the warehouse section, so this shouldn’t hinder your ability to visit The Union office in the near future.

Eventually, we’ll end up with a bigger, better headquarters across the board, although my requests for an employee swimming pool and bowling alley were accidentally omitted in the final plan.

In all seriousness, we appreciate your patience in the coming year as we pull off our Extreme Makeover.

Dave Barry replaced by Dave Barry

Last week, we asked what you wanted us to do with Dave Barry’s weekly spot in The Union. The overwhelming response was for us to continue with some of Barry’s classic columns.

So as of today, that’s our plan. If this is the first you’ve heard of Barry’s sabbatical, feel free to drop me a line and let me know your thoughts.

A few staff changes at The Union

Along with the exit of Editor Richard Somerville, who plans to launch a new career in consulting on readership growth, The Union also recently lost our arts and entertainment guru, Carol Feineman.

Carol was tapped to be editor of the nearby Colfax Record, leaving us without a point person for our invaluable Prospector section that runs each Thursday. Soon, we’ll have a temporary fill-in for the spot, with a permanent replacement to follow. For now, send your arts news to Readership Editor Dixie Redfearn at or 477-4238.

We’ve also hired a new photographer after a lengthy, nationwide search. David Torch, most recently of the Reno Gazette-Journal, will be roaming the county with a camera for The Union. He’s already shown his talent, and we’re glad to have him aboard.

Need help from the newsroom?

It could be a month and a half or so before we’re done selecting a new editor, but there are still plenty of people here for you to contact if you need help. I’m available, as are Publisher Jeff Ackerman (477-4299) and Readership Editor Dixie Redfearn (477-4238).

Since I’ll be taking up this space for a little while, I should probably tell you a little about myself. I’m a native of northern Alabama who fled to Missouri for college and then spent a few years covering government and politics for the Fort Wayne, Ind., newspaper.

Since early 2002, I’ve been The Union’s city editor, meaning I organize the news reporting staff. If you’ve spent any time in downtown Nevada City, chances are good that my dog has tormented you.

But we’ll have plenty of time to get to know each other, so for now, have another cup of coffee, try to stay warm, and enjoy your weekend.

David Griner is interim managing editor of The Union. He can be reached at or 477-4230.

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