Thank a Democrat |

Thank a Democrat

Some seniors think the Democrats are the guardians of their Social Security (SS) and the mean old Republicans are out to take away all of their benefits. Not true.

Democratic President Lyndon Johnson, in his efforts to hide the cost of the war in Vietnam from the public and bypass Congress, by presidential executive order took your retirement money from the SS trust fund and put it into the general fund. There it has become a slush fund to finance the pork that Congress finds necessary to get re-elected and stay in office. This is why SS will run out of money in less than 20 years. Thank a Democrat.

There?s more. For more than 40 years, the Democrats have been the majority in both the House and Senate. Not once have they made any effort to correct the theft of your money from the trust fund. They really didn?t outright steal the money. What they did was replace the money with IOUs (Treasury notes) that you, the taxpayer, are responsible for? Thank a Democrat.

Now that wasn?t bad enough, along comes Larry Flint?s porno friend President (Slick Willie) Clinton, and the first thing of note that Clinton does is slap Income tax on your Social Security. Thank a Democrat.

So you still think the Democrats are going to protect you from those mean old Republicans?

How much of a cost-of-living increase did Congress (still controlled by Democrats) give you this year? They voted themselves a 5 percent increase, plus a big package of increased benefits. I?m not sure of the exact figure they increased your Social Security, but I believe it was around 3 percent. Thank a Democrat.

The Democrats like to paint the Republicans as the party of the rich. There are 12 multimillionaires in Congress, nine of them are Democrats. The majority of the money that supports the Democratic party machine comes from the nonprofit foundations of the super-rich elite. Thank a Democrat.

Locally the Packard and Getty foundations seem to be our supervisors’ guiding lights. Ask Democrats Conklin, Martin, Van Zant or Whatsername.

Don Williams

Grass Valley

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