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Terry Boyles: Disruptor in chief

The American presidency is more than just an elected executive. It is also pulpit of the church of the soul of America.

While pacifists, like me, cheered the last four years of relative non-intervention in foreign conflicts; derailing expectations of the most entrenched state department militarist policy.

Destabilizing, back channel communications used by Trump impose a new sort of world disorder applauded by antiglobalist nationalists. Disruption of domestic bureaucracies and regulations are on the agenda of most conservatives.

Trump achieved much destruction of federal power through outsized use of the executive power of the office and dysfunctional cabinet. The installation of three very conservative Supreme Court justices, will assure the the primacy of property over people for generations.

Trump achieved most of the conservative agenda with just his signature on myriad EOs, without legislative support.

While progressives like myself are disappointed with the regression of civil justice, Trump merely implemented an agenda that any number of conservative leaders would have, if given the chance.

We can each fight for the best vision of America and the proper role of government in the war of ideas that has forever raged. Speak out. Vote.

What Donald Trump has wrought, however, has disrupted something indispensable. Trust.

Beginning with the “birther” lie followed by years of fact free, often petty, petulant, conspiracy laden, attacks on foes real and imagined, destroying any sense of propriety not spelled out in the penal code, tearing at the fabric of what really makes America great; the trust we have in our democracy and in one another. Witness our current cynically unsettled election.

We’ve always had leaders that avoid inconvenient truths for political gain. But we have never had a leader that demonstrates the piteous character of a charlatan.

There’s little doubt that modern media has amplified his effect on our collective psyche. America has followed a man with no soul and I fear the nation has lost its way.

There has always been a divided vision of what America should be. But we cannot long continue as a great nation with antithetical versions of what actually exists.

Terry Boyles lives in Penn Valley.

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