Tell people they are utterly adored |

Tell people they are utterly adored

The best invention ever: “Chick flicks.” How wonderful for women when we are able to find a few hours all to ourselves. We grab our favorite beverage, decide on our favorite food – ice cream, cookies, chips – whatever our palate hungers for, and escape to our comfy couch where our thoughts and desires play out on a screen as if we were playing the part ourselves.

There’s a movie I enjoy when I need to laugh, “Notting Hill,” starring Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant. I won’t give the story away, but Julia Roberts plays a famous movie star named Anna Scott. Anna is invited to a birthday party where the birthday girl has no idea the star is attending. When the “birthday girl” arrives and sees that “Anna Scott” is standing before her, she immediately says in her English accent, “I absolutely, totally, utterly, adore you. You are the most beautiful woman in the world. I truly believe, and believed for some time now, that we could be best friends. So, what do you think?”

Anna Scott pauses and says, “Lucky me.”

Why am I sharing this? There’s a woman today I would like to introduce you to. She lives in Nevada County, and if you were able to meet her, you would totally, utterly, adore her. You would find her to be one of the most beautiful women in the world; and I truly believe, and have believed for some time now, that you would become best friends.

This special woman in my heart is Pam Fagan. I can’t remember where or when I met her, but I can promise that I will never forget her. Pam lives in Penn Valley with her husband, and has three children she adores – Chris, Donna and Brandon. She has a grandson, Avery, who lights up her face every time she mentions his name. Pam has been involved in everything from Boy Scouts to 4-H, and our small community would be less a community without her.

Melody Blaz of Penn Valley said, “She’s a dedicated mother and volunteer in the community. She’s never one who has ever done anything for recognition. She seeks nothing for herself, but is constantly thinking of others. She is a great friend.”

“You can know people for years and they never take a place in your heart,” Sandy Bergsma of Penn Valley said. “But Pam was one I instantly bonded with. She’s going to show me how to: can, sew, do crafts and everything else that I don’t know how to do. I would like to be like her. She’s gone through hard times, but she’s always there for everyone.”

As women, we are busy. We’re caring for our husbands, our children, our homes … working. We volunteer for everything and have a hard time saying “no.” It seems, though, that sometimes too many things can get in our way of telling our friends how much we love them, and how much we think about them. Sometimes it takes a special friend to get sick and slow us down.

Pam has been home feeling ill. Even through her illness, she still, on her good days, gets up to care for others. Pam loves her family, and life. She has faith that moves mountains to their proper place where life will grow, and dreams will blossom.

I know we all know someone. We have a mother, a sister, an aunt, a friend who is home and not able to move around as quickly as they used to. Their lives have stopped while they are getting their much-needed rest. I’m sharing Pam with you today because if you know of a woman who is going though something similar and have been too busy … please take a moment and give her a call.

Better yet, stop by and give her a hug. Send her flowers and tell her you love her. It’s moments like these that bring us together. It doesn’t matter if we stay home with our children or if we have to kiss our children goodbye in the morning as we head off to work. The bottom line is, we are women. At the end of each day, we love our children equally and want to know that tomorrow is going to be better then today.

My prayer for Pam is tomorrow will be better than today and that today … she’s dreaming of her tomorrow.

If you would like to e-mail me a “Get Well” note for Pam since she is feeling ill, I would love to gather them and take them to her. I would like to show her that Nevada County is praying for her, and that we all know what a note from another “mother” can do for our heart!

I believe Abraham Lincoln said it best: “Leave nothing for tomorrow which can be done today. Never let your correspondence fall behind. Whatever piece of business you have in hand, before stopping, do all the labor pertaining to it which can then be done.”


Gina Gippner is a Penn Valley resident and mother of three. She can be reached via e-mail at or computer chat at

Her column appears every other Tuesday, alternating with Mike Drummond’s column from Clear Creek Ranch.

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