Tell me why we need a war again, Mr. Bush? |

Tell me why we need a war again, Mr. Bush?

The current administration tells us that there is an evil man who needs to be removed from power. (Hmmm, last month, Arafat, this month, Saddam). The first thing that comes to mind is, “Who are we to tell another sovereign country who is going to be in charge?” If we start down that path, then every other country now has legitimate, proven by precedent, cause to oust another government because they are evil, or can’t be trusted. There have always been malevolent regimes in the world; diplomacy used to be what happened when countries had disputes. The warmongers in power say that we must invade Iraq. But, war should be reserved for defending yourself against aggression, never for aggressive purposes itself.

Here’s what Scott Ritter, a former chief U.N. weapons inspector in Iraq, who calls himself a card-carrying Republican, is quoted in The Guardian as saying about the public “debate” over Iraq:

“This isn’t American democracy in action. It’s the failure of American democracy. Before we go to war with Iraq, we must be able to determine that Iraq poses a threat to the national security of the U.S. Such a determination must be backed up with substantive fact. I believe that Iraq does not pose a threat to the U.S. worthy of war. This conclusion is shared by many senior military officers.”

I understand Saddam is not a nice fellow, and U.N. inspections must be resumed. But America must deal with this as if we were the civilized leader of the free world, not as some overbearing bully might. Is this war more about avenging Poppy’s mistake the first time around? Or is this more a smokescreen for distracting us from the Enron/Halliburton/Harken scandals that threaten the president’s popularity? If you think this war is a crock, write your senators and representative. The warmongers can’t ram it down our throats without public apathy.

Brion Dunbar

Nevada City

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