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Take care of residents

I can’t believe what I’m reading in the local newspaper. Every time a contractor wants to build a low-income building, it has been turned down and we are told that the neighbors disapprove; that it could cause too much traffic by their homes or that the street is not wide enough. Most of the Planning Committees, supervisors, and city councils don’t want to change the zoning. Some say it would need to add to the sewage system or we would have to hire more policeman and firemen.

We moved up here from Southern California in 1957. Now we have great-grandchildren of all ages. Some are graduating and want to leave home to either go to college or get a job, but there are no rentals that they can afford. Some are getting married and having children but can’t find a rental either.

A friend is a single mother with four children. She has a job but can’t get a rental because she has too many children or can’t afford the rentals that she has found.

As a family’s children move out and the parents reach retirement age, they would like to sell their home but are not ready for a retirement home and there are no rentals for them.

The public has been handed a pacifier of granny homes which is not new. The square footage of these granny homes has been reduced to 800 square feet and a limit of 90.

Why don’t we grow up and widen the streets, straighten out the traffic situation, hire more police and enlarge the fire department – then I’m sure we would have more jobs for the unemployed. Young people would not need to move to neighboring towns.

I think it is time that we quit catering to tourists for income and take care of our local inhabitants.

Veda G. Hansen

Grass Valley

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