SYRCL a Communist league |

SYRCL a Communist league

Well, I see that my letter where I wrote that SYRCL is a group of neo-fascists is drawing fire. What would you call any politician or self-appointed bureaucrat, judge (that makes law from the bench) or government official that violates the oath of office to uphold and protect the constitution? Hmmmm? Can you say traitor? What has the South Yuba River Communist League done for you lately? Have they created more jobs, made it easier for businesses to invest in Nevada County, or reopened the gold mines FDR un-constitutionally shut down in 1942?

Liberals are real good at calling patriotic, God-fearing Americans homophobes, intolerant gun-toting bigots, separatists and what have you. But, when we expose them for what they are, they call it “hateful rhetoric” or conspiracy theories.

SYRCL knows how to nitpick the 16 to 1 Mine over a trickle of water coming out of the old mine tunnels that has a natural trace of arsenic in it. (14 parts per billion). Meanwhile, they ignore the 100,000 cubic yards of shot rock that has armored over vital salmon spawning habitat in the Yuba below the Englebright. That’s my point. The Lower Yuba River technical working group, Fish and Wildlife, Fish and Game, all ignore this atrocity in the face of the fact that the salmon have been put on the endangered species list. I want to restore the spawning habitat! I get no help!

Quoting Mr. Miller of the 16 to 1, there is an effort afoot to curtail mining, ranching, and logging. What would you call the environmentalists who are in this effort to shut down America under the guise of protecting the ecology? There is no other name for them but “traitors.” The U.S. Constitution will back me up. A thief is a thief. Is that name calling?

How do I get some of this grant money that SYRCL gets? As for their “real world actions,” I would define it more as “new world order actions.”

James L. Butler


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