Susan Lane: Time to set aside our differences |

Susan Lane: Time to set aside our differences

I believe the election to be over. I believe it because I believe in our democracy. The massive fraud narrative would have us believe that our friends and neighbors who run the nation’s elections on the county level are either guilty of fixing the election or too stupid to recognize fraud.

But my real point is to say this: As Americans we have way more in common than we have differences. We all love to practice our religion or not. To vote for who we believe is the best candidate or not. To participate in free speech even if we disagree. We worry about our kids and want the best for them, whether young or grown.

Some of my neighbors voted differently than me, most of them I don’t know well, but I know they would help me in a jam and they have.

Around here we worry about fire danger. We all have that in common and hate the inconvenience of public safety shut-offs. But sometimes when the wind is really ripping, I confess, I feel relieved. We are old, young, middle aged, rich, not so rich, and live below the poverty line and rely on services. We are liberal and conservative. We grow pot, beef, and a bunch of fruits, and veggies. Most of us who can work do so, whether for pay or not. We grew up in the city or not.

Most of us love this country, most civil servants defend this country and its constitution, and some die for it. And the biggest thing we have in common is we all immigrated here unless we’re Native American.

I believe in hope for our nation. The pandemic and our divisiveness will end. So let’s try to look at our similarities and downplay our differences.

Susan Lane

Grass Valley

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