Supreme Court ‘betrayed their duty’ in same-sex ruling |

Supreme Court ‘betrayed their duty’ in same-sex ruling

Other writers have already connected the floods in the Midwest and the fires in California with apparent displeasure of God over our “lifestyles” that are against nature.

Watching with shock, these natural disasters at the time of moral decadence and threats to the family as the basic unit of society, an unbiased observer cannot avoid wondering if the end of time is near.

British anthropologist Joseph Unwin has an explanation. He conducted a study of 86 different world cultures and came to the inescapable conclusion “that the traditional male-female monogamous model for marriage was the best foundation for a healthy and productive society.”

With this model of marriage, society in three generations reached its peak of progress and productivity, resulting in euphoria of comfort and tranquility. Eventually, complacency and moral relativism set in.

Selfishness leads to loose morals, expressed often with “outburst of homosexuality” (Unwin’s expression). Another three generations of moral deterioration brought the society to the point of collapse.

American history tells us that between the end of the Civil War through the Industrial Revolution until the end of World War II in 1945, the U.S. reached its zenith of power and prosperity, as long as religion and morality served as the foundation of our great nation. The Christian principles that permeated the whole society made the United States the greatest nation in the history of the world.

The cultural deterioration started in 1947 when the Supreme Court imposed a “Wall of Separation” between church and state.

Another court’s decision in 1965 invented a “right to privacy” for contraception and in 1973 a “right to abortion” on demand. Spread of pornography under “freedom of expression” undermined further public morals.

As the Christian worldview was suppressed by secularism at the institutions of higher learning, the education at public schools became faithless, devoid of respect for traditional values and the achievements of our forefathers.

The attacks on the traditional family increased after “the Lawrence decision” in 2003 that decreed a “constitutional right to privacy” for homosexual sodomy.

By separating human sexuality from procreation, the floodgates were open to unnatural lifestyles.

The recent decision of the California Supreme Court that approved “same-sex marriage” is a shocking example of judicial arrogance. Those four justices have shown contempt for beliefs of the majority of decent citizens. They betrayed their duty to interpret the law, not to rewrite it. Their wrong decision gave bad name to California.

Compared with other cultures of history, ours has an advantage: It was founded on noble principles derived directly from the Bible, and reverence to its creator who showered the young nation with many blessings.

Disregard for God’s commandments by a small minority harms the whole society. However, by returning to morality and calling on God’s mercy we still can save our souls and the nation.

Peter Pohorsky lives in Grass Valley.

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