Support GV mayor’s Bodmin trip with more than words |

Support GV mayor’s Bodmin trip with more than words

On Tuesday, the Grass Valley Male Voice Choir and other folks from western Nevada County will be heading overseas, visiting Bodmin, Grass Valley’s sister city, and other towns in the United Kingdom.

The choir was invited to a Dehwelans, described as an international homecoming for all those of Cornish descent. Included in the group will be Grass Valley Mayor Linda Stevens.

Initially there was a request for $1,500 in the preliminary budget for Stevens’ trip, later withdrawn. More recently, Stevens had requested a meal allowance of $399 or possibly more for the trip – what the heck, let’s just say $400.

As it came time for a vote on the matter, however, Stevens instead opted to withdraw her request and pay for her own food.

The $400 meal allowance is perhaps not the biggest issue facing Grass Valley or its voters. On the other hand, many Grass Valley residents would prefer to see their tax dollars funding more traditional costs – paying for police patrols, road maintenance and the like. So Stevens showed some wisdom in withdrawing her funding request.

On other other hand, we don’t want to dismiss the city’s sister city relationship with Bodmin out of hand either. The city’s Cornish roots are part of Grass Valley and even Nevada County history, a legacy that is not taken for granted around here. After all, how many towns in the U.S. have a Cornish Choir and Cornish Christmas festivities? How many sell Cornish pasties?

Were the two cities in England and the U.S. merely to pass resolutions of support and then ignore each other, the sister-city relations would not be worth more than the paper they were printed on. Other folks recognize the importance of the ties between the two cities.

A fund-raiser was held last month that helped underwrite the roughly $2,000 cost of the mayor’s air fare and hotel costs. Representing Grass Valley in the United Kingdom is a costly business and it seems entirely appropriate for some in our community to help the mayor with her costs.

In fact, we’ll chip in the first hundred bucks. We’ll get the money down to you today, Linda. Have a good trip, and tell our Cornish cousins hello.

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