Supervisors will do anything to devalue private property |

Supervisors will do anything to devalue private property

Nevada County officials made their bed and now they have to lay in it. The property rights initiative wouldn’t exist if our Board of Supervisors weren’t so arrogant with its narrow representation of only a small group of special interests and limited percentage of Nevada County’s citizens. This Board has used a 4-to-1 rubber stamp to impose hundreds of restrictive regulations aimed at private property.

“FIRE” has surfaced to become the Board of Supervisors’ new tool to impose stricter standards and open the door to a whole new set of over-regulation.

With “FIRE” as his saber, Supervisor Bruce Conklin is leading the charge with new building standards, exceeding any state requirements, causing building costs to soar. Any method to stop growth is what his agenda is all about anyhow.

“FIRE” was used to devalue properties in the Cement Hill area with restrictive, over-regulation of 20 percent slopes. It is my belief that you will see this BOS impose this as a countywide standard in the near future.

Through its appointed planning commissioners, this Board of Supervisors used “FIRE” to shut down our affordable housing program – second units. Supervisor Izzy Martin stated, “Second units would be the best quick fix” to affordable housing. Where was she when the Planning Commission placed the over-restrictive regulation that has made the second-unit program ineffective? We’ve seen her make a 90-degree turn on her convictions (NH 2020), when facing the threat that she might lose political support or a vote.

With the prospect that the property rights initiative will pass, combined with Supervisor Martin losing her seat and a good chance that Supervisor Conklin will be replaced also, this Board of Supervisors is hell-bent on imposing as many new restrictions as possible in the months to come.

In my view, the supervisor races in the 3rd and 4th Districts are about freedom from oppression. We have a Board of Supervisors that serves only a select few.

It’s our right and freedom to have a Board of Supervisors that serves all of Nevada County citizens equally.

Jim Crowley

Grass Valley

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