Supervisors’ arrogance will bring about their downfall |

Supervisors’ arrogance will bring about their downfall

The words “Axis of Evil” were barely out of President George Bush’s mouth when the diplomatic corps wusses and the peace-at-any-price Pollyannas began the viewing with the alarm, hand-wringing, and tut-tutting at which they are so practiced.

Of course, the appeasers and poltroons reacted in exactly the same way when President Ronald Reagan branded the now-defunct Soviet Union “An Evil Empire.”

Bush committed the worst of diplomatic heresies; he told the truth, plainly and bluntly. “You can’t do that,” moaned the latter day Neville Chamberlains, “you might upset those swell folks in North Korea, Iran, and Iraq. Besides, those three nations have nothing in common.”

George 43rd obviously has a greater grasp of world history than his critics. “Axis” is a particularly well-chosen word. Who did the forces of the free world battle and defeat in World War II? The Axis, an evil alliance of national socialist Germany, fascist Italy, and imperial Japan.

Those nations also had little in common except for a desire to own the world. North Korea, like Nazi Germany, is a totally repressive totalitarian regime that supplies weapons and technologies of destruction to its clients. Iraq, like imperial Japan, is ruled by “divinely inspired” forces supported by the military apparatus.

Think how much easier it would have been if we had been able to pick off the Axis powers one at a time instead of having to fight them all at the same time. But we did take them on simultaneously and we won.

The terrorists also seem to have forgotten history. After Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor, Admiral Yamamoto, who was Japan’s most brilliant military leader and had argued against attacking the United States, said, “I am afraid we have awakened a sleeping tiger.”

President Bush is conducting a superbly well-thought-out campaign against world terrorism and, I suspect, he knows exactly what our next move, and the ones after that, will be.

If his words hurt the feelings of those in power who aid and abet terrorism, gee, what a shame.

Meanwhile, back here in Nevada County, we have our own Axis to deal with. I don’t think it’s an “Axis of Evil,” although some might call it that. I think “Axis of Arrogance” is more apt.

It consists of the Nevada County Board of Supervisors excepting, of course, Sue Horne. The infamous four have launched a sneak attack on the property owners of Nevada County. Their weapon is NH 2020. They have plotted quite deliberately to achieve their unstated agenda with as little interference from the public as possible. You see, in their minds, owning property is an anti-social act. They feel they are inspired by some higher power, or the Goddess, or the cosmic consciousness, to make us all better people like them. Then we can all go tripping along, hand in hand, down the yellow brick road to the wonderful Emerald (green) City.

But it’s beginning to look like they have awakened a sleeping tiger in the person of the Nevada County voters, who go to the polls on March 5.

Two of the nodes on the axis, Peter the Less than Great and Barbara Green, are safe in their supervisorial seats for another two years. But their influence can be nullified with the defeat of their two fellow conspirators.

In District 4, Queen Elizabeth is playing the Joan of Arc of rabid environmentalism, rallying the troops under the bold green banner and leading them against the foul forces of capitalism. It’s odd that so much of her support, especially financial, comes from outside the county. There’s a nation-wide green web that promotes its own and I suspect Martin is well connected with it. Now, there’s a money trail that would be very interesting to track.

Izzy’s best-backed challengers seem to be Rene Antonson and Robin Sutherland, and it looks like Robin is gaining ground fast.

In District 3, Bruce Conklin has been running a remarkably low-key campaign. Is this deliberate, or is it for lack of funds? Not all that much has been coming from Mark Johnson, either. Not that it makes much difference, because trading Johnson for Conklin is like trading Tweedle-Dum for Tweedle-Dee. Either one would be just a rubber stamp for anything Martin and Van Zant propose.

Drew Bedwell has come from virtually nowhere and has launched a strong campaign, working full-time at gaining votes. It looks like the momentum is with Bedwell, which is a hopeful sign, indeed.

The battle lines are drawn. On March 5, we can dump those two crusaders for “green justice” and put in place on the Board of Supervisors a majority who remember that the business of supervisors is to supervise, to oversee the finances and departments of the county for the benefit of all citizens, no matter how much the Green Party snivels and whines about it.

W.H. Brooke, a Nevada City resident, writes a monthly column.

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