Super Bowl: Arena for the crude, lewd |

Super Bowl: Arena for the crude, lewd

Family advocacy groups are angry about it. So is the Federal Communications Commission, which is launching a federal investigation that could lead to millions of dollars in fines for CBS affiliate television stations. President Bush napped through it, but a spokesman later said his administration was concerned that it wasn’t family-friendly.

“It” is the right bosom of singer Janet Jackson, or as MTV teased in the days leading up to the Super Bowl’s halftime show, a “special guest appearance.”

As Jackson and Justin Timberlake finished a duet before 89 million viewers, with Timberlake singing “Gonna have you naked by the end of this song,” he reached over and pulled off part of Jackson’s bustier, revealing a breast featuring what generations of strippers call a pasty.

On Monday, Jackson apologized, saying it was a last-minute stunt that went wrong. On the contrary, however, it seemed to have been well-planned and pulled off with precision, and it achieved its attended purpose, which was to shock, promote Jackson’s new album, and market the “naughty” image of MTV.

As it happens, both MTV and CBS are owned by the media conglomerate Viacom.

Silly us. We were watching between plays to see some innovative advertising at $2 million a pop, while the real super-commercial was a halftime extravaganza showcasing the flashing of a boob as tastefully as a raincoat-clad flasher.

These corporate sleazebags, network hypesters, and pop-music degenerates must have a pretty low opinion of Americans to feel free to employ this sort of marketing strategy. They have hijacked the Super Bowl and turned it from a sporting event into a grotesque circus of the crude and the lewd.

By contrast, the serial streaker who disrupted the game later – stripping off a referee disguise and doing an Irish jig in a sequined G-string (not shown on TV) – was refreshingly amateurish.

The streaker was decked by a Patriots linebacker and hauled off to jail. A pity we can’t give the same treatment to the hustlers at Viacom, CBS, MTV, and the NFL.

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