Sue Horne is best choice for state Assembly |

Sue Horne is best choice for state Assembly

You need a scorecard these days to figure out the politics within the two primary political parties. After all, endorsements generally come down to favors and political relationships that have very little to do with the issues, or which candidate would best represent constituents.

Such is the case in the race for the state’s 3rd District Assembly seat, currently held by Rick Keene. Nevada County Supervisor Sue Horne and Yuba County Supervisor Dan Logue – both Republicans – have been in the midst of a spirited, often nasty battle that should be settled on June 3. When the dust does settle, we hope Horne will be headed to Sacramento, where we believe she will serve Nevada County in the same outstanding manner she has served us as a member of the Nevada County Board of Supervisors the past several years.

The proof, we believe, is in the pudding. Horne will leave behind a county government that is in relatively great shape. In spite of the current housing crunch that has wreaked havoc on many municipalities, Nevada County is fiscally sound, thanks to some great management by staff and decision-making by the fiscally conservative five-member board that Horne sits on.

While the state wrestles with a $20 billion or so budget deficit, Nevada County has tucked away an estimated $3.4 million in reserves, accumulated over the past three budget years. That’s the kind of fiscal performance the state badly needs and who better to deliver that than someone with a track record like Horne’s?

Her election to the Board of Supervisors as a write-in candidate in 2000 marked a dramatic turning point for Nevada County. Over the next seven years she would help lead a conservative taxpayers’ reform movement that would ultimately address waste, streamline bureaucracy, add funds to public safety and balance the budget.

Logue and his supporters claim that Horne isn’t conservative enough for their tastes, but offer very little credible evidence to support that claim. We doubt you’ll find many whose values and morals are more conservative and we find it more than a little disturbing that anyone could suggest she’s “not conservative enough.”

In fact, we believe one of her best qualities is her ability to offer some semblance of moderation to the issues. We have no desire to have our representative march in lock-step with any political party and we are encouraged by the notion that Horne may be an independent thinker, whose moral compass has guided her quite well during her life and during her years as a county supervisor. She is also a patriot, whose boundless energy helped give us our own Blue Star Moms chapter, recognizing the many mothers whose sons are serving our country today. Her own son served in Iraq. She also helped found the Nevada County Pregnancy Center.

Assemblyman Keene, who today is supporting Logue, not long ago named Horne “Woman Of The Year,” not once, but twice. Interesting that today he is supporting Logue. That ought to give some insight on the inner-workings of the political party system, where back-scratching and political relationships apparently count more than substance.

In the end, our recommendation is simply a result of performance and trust. We believe Nevada County is in relatively great shape today and we trust that Sue Horne will perform in the same admirable fashion as the 3rd District’s representative in the California Assembly.

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