Stuck with the bill again |

Stuck with the bill again

Unbeknownst to us, someone has authorized a spending spree for Nevada County and once again, we’re getting stuck with the bill. A few weeks ago we spent $18,000 on a “management retreat” and now our local government has spent another $200,000 on computer software that supposedly revolutionizes the bureaucracy we’ve grown accustomed to (The Union, Friday, Feb. 22).

Remember the massive amount of money spent on the assessor’s software a few years back? Remember how it was lauded by the BOS and revolutionized the process? Neither do I. If my memory serves me, Steve Monaghan, who is now pushing a similar costing system, played a role in killing the assessor’s software.

Overusing techno-buzzwords like “centric” may give the illusion that Steve Monaghan knows what he’s talking about, but I beg to differ. If more than 72 percent of Nevada County households have computers, what percentage actually has Internet access, and of that percentage, how many are actually going to be using it? How long is this system going to be supported? Two years from now, are we going to spend another $400,000 to keep it up to date? What about training costs for county employees, and how will home users be trained? Plus, if this system is only going to “deliver” the information to the specific department or area, it will still hit the existing bottleneck once it reaches human interaction. While, like most projects it looks good on paper, I question the timing of this project, especially when the $200,000-plus could have been better used in a multitude of other areas. I’m not against modernizing government, the cost must be justified and right now, it doesn’t appear that way.

Unless the upcoming elections give us new supervisors who are committed to removing the likes of Ted Gaebler, and department managers like Steve Monaghan, we can expect more unrestrained spending. Until budget cuts are as rare as drunken brawls at a Raffi concert, it’s time for this county to cut back spending our money.

Jad Funk

Nevada City

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