Strong case for intelligent design |

Strong case for intelligent design

Just in case anyone missed it, there was a fascinating AP article in The Union on Thursday, March 21, buried on page C3. The article presented some of the reasons that Darwinism is being challenged by serious scientists and it acknowledged that there is a wealth of scientific evidence that exposes fatal flaws in Darwinian evolution. Predictably, evolutionists are writhing in desperation and whining that “intelligent design isn’t science” and that the ID (intelligent design) movement is “dangerous.” (same AP story, San Francisco Chronicle, Sunday, March 17). Now really, what is dangerous about telling the truth? And for that matter, when is an honest evaluation of irrefutable scientific evidence “not science”?

The article reveals that evolutionists want to maintain censorship of the science curriculum, arguing that high school students shouldn’t be told about “potential problems with Darwinism and evidence that life on Earth was planned.” Sounds like censorship to me.

ID proponents are not Biblical creationists. Evolutionists, however, want to lump the two groups together in order to discredit the ID position. They are determined to keep God out of the classroom and are, therefore, willing to sacrifice honest intellectual inquiry at the altar of Darwinian evolution.

In addition to classroom indoctrination, evolutionary propaganda films such as David Attenborough’s “Life on Earth” deal in speculation, innuendo, leaps of logical reasoning and outright lies presented as “science.” Fortunately for society, the highly accredited and highly acclaimed scientists who support the intelligent design movement are exposing this sort of propaganda as unscientific and are exposing evolution as mathematically impossible and scientifically unsound.

Perhaps we may look forward to a day in the near future when honest intellectual inquiry will finally return to the classroom.

Susan Bauman

Nevada City

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