Strip mall’s colors draw reader reaction |

Strip mall’s colors draw reader reaction

I personally like the new colors of the building where the Sierra Cinemas are located. It perks up the corner.

Speaking of new colors, meaning painting, I see our roundabout now has a bright yellow curb. Wonderful! So much easier to see.

Now if people would just quit “stopping” at the “yield” signs on the pavement, if it isn’t necessary, it would be safer. I nearly rear-ended someone recently because obviously they didn’t understand what they were to do. Thus, I now stay farther from anyone in front of me.

The landscaping in the center of the roundabout is quite lovely.

Judy L. Cole

Penn Valley

Regarding the article by Britt Retherford about the Springhill Village Shopping Center’s noncompliance of the city’s building codes on color schemes, I was stunned when Retherford included a Grinder’s employee’s reference to the building’s exterior looking like a “Mexican MacDonalds.”

I thought how politically incorrect and insensitive to include such a vagrantly ethnic slur as that! In a community that is so homogenous, it concerns me that such a comment only exacerbates the intolerance of ethnic minority groups. It is insulting and demeaning and falls into the category of ignorant taunts that ethnic Americans have endured far too long in this country.

I am surprised that The Union, which recently heralded its accolades for journalistic excellence, did not scrutinize this article more carefully for the inclusion of this comment lacked professionalism and sound judgment.

Regina Gembara

Grass Valley

I have been admiring the new colors on East Main Street shopping center since I first noticed the change. The selected colors are “earth tones” and not at all as I imagine a “Mexican McDonald’s” would look like. The Springhill Village Shopping Center color combination is not bright, but is well-coordinated. The colors do not clash and are not glaring or offensive. I find them very pleasing and comfortable to my eye.

Our city councils of Nevada City and Grass Valley both need to get a life that includes color. I suggest they take a look at San Francisco’s “painted ladies” (always with three or more colors). The use of color for painting older buildings adds charm to a city.

Where do the Nevada City and Grass Valley city council officers get off telling people what color to paint their buildings? It is very costly to paint a shopping center, and it is dictatorial and commandeering of the Grass Valley council to suggest that Mr. Saadeh repaint his center.

Lee Andersen

Grass Valley

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