Stop Whining about 2020 |

Stop Whining about 2020

Do you live in Nevada County for serenity and natural beauty? Does the rustic history make you ponder the settlers of old? Have you moved here to escape traffic, violence and pollution? Are your kids safer in our communities and schools? These are my reasons for settling here about 25 years ago.

Unfortunately, our county is loved too much and we must plan for smart growth before the population doubles in the next 20 years. Heated debate, social stress and environmental degradation are all symptoms of population growing pains. Many immigrants think Nevada County is preferable to where they lived before, and yet they must understand that their very presence brings stress, change and environmental decline.

We must take responsibility for creating solutions to the problems caused by too many people. Our only option now is to preserve the quality of our community because we are rapidly running out of places to go. A previous Board of Supervisors ignored the work of the last citizen group to participate in rural quality planning. The Natural Heritage study recommendations will be presented to the current board and voted on by the people. This is the democratic process. Vandalism and intimidation of Natural Heritage supporters has no place in a healthy American society.

The wise carpenter once said, “Measure twice, and cut once.” It is smart to measure our resources and carefully plan for the future to avoid coming up short, down the road. I am a Nevada County property owner who wants sane growth that preserves forests, watersheds and lifestyle. Unchecked growth that results in destruction of our natural assets will eventually affect property rights through reduced land values and lower quality of life. Property rights are lost when a community is overwhelmed by poorly planned growth.

Further growth without considering where we were, where we are, and where we want to go is short sighted, inflexible, selfish and greedy. Every living system on the planet is in a state of decline, so lets do what we can for Nevada County. Stop whining and start working to ensure our community is not destroyed by popular demand.

Kim Cote

Grass Valley

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