Steve Rugge: Someone new in ’22 |

Steve Rugge: Someone new in ’22

Our so called representative, Doug LaMalfa, on Dec. 28 voted against President Trump’s request for an increased $2,000 COVID-19 relief payment. I guess he thinks people don’t need that much. The amount of $600 is just fine.

But on that same day, he voted to sustain the president’s veto to kill the Defense Bill for funding for our troops. So why does he say no to the president’s request to help people but yes to support the president withholding money from the defense of this country for one of his pet peeves. It does not make sense.

Is the naming of bases for Confederate generals really more important than funding the defense of this country or getting badly needed relief money to people, Doug? Based on your votes, it sure seems that you think so.

And then there is your signing up to that amicus brief supporting Trump’s unproven claims of election fraud (which the Supreme Court unceremoniously rejected); showing your support leading to an attack on our democracy, one of the worst such attacks from one of our own countrymen since the Civil War.

And from a constitutional law perspective, did you really want to set a legal precedent for having other states interfere in California’s sovereign rights? Did you really want to open that can of worms, or did you just unthinkingly go along with the crowd there in Washington?

I don’t believe any of your positions on these issues really reflect the wishes and desires of the people you supposedly represent.

Doug, I think you have been in Washington too long and are out of touch with the people. Time for you to go! We need someone new to represent us in Washington in the next election. Someone new in ’22!

Steve Rugge

Nevada City

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