Step forward, many will follow |

Step forward, many will follow

Ask most anyone about humankind’s skill at living together prosperously with one another and almost without exception, most will point out examples of discord or worse. Examples range from our earliest history to current time and the stories vary; the common thread is the dread that some do to others. Common here is how some find so much to not like in someone else – the origin of discord.

Today, maybe as never before, many schools of thought are guiding and showing how all of humankind’s mean and cruel continuing history can be changed and transformed to goodness in an instant without further effort. This new social science is not really new at all; it has been taught for thousands of years. Curious is why it is now that more than the rare few have begun to grasp this simplest, easy-to-learn, easier-to-practice concept; that once learned, ends forever any and all of your personal suffering, strife, guilt and grief.

There are many ways and words that can apply here, all are equal to effect the same transformation within you. Many sects, creeds, cults, faiths, groups of every kind and no group, or no faith; all are equal in this arena.

Success is determined by nothing more than simply deciding for yourself what kind of world you wish to live in – so it will be for you. Skip past doubt, overlook worry, go straight to who you most are inside and decide it will be so.

Discover your true power, obscured only by a thin cloud of doubt. Within you is a greatness as great as anyone who has walked this earth. Greatness is your inheritance; how you use your greatness is your choice. This resource within you is unlimited in its ability to improve everything you do, and everywhere you go others will be made better also.

Learn of your power, your gift in wait, waiting for you to tire of blame and pain, that your blame frames. End blame and reclaim your fame. Step forward, lead, many will follow, and rejoice at who you really are.

Alan Vivanco

Grass Valley

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