Starr in good company |

Starr in good company

Hank Starr must feel pretty good. He’s just been trashed by W.H. Brooke, who once trashed Abraham Lincoln on these same The Union pages. It must be nice to be hated by the same man who hates Lincoln.

I don’t know what Brooke had against Lincoln, but he was a little more specific about Hank. It seems Hank is, according to Mr. Brooke, a friend of Izzy Martin, Bruce Conklin, Peter Van Zant and Ted Gaebler. He probably likes Abe, too. But more particularly, Hank wrote an article comparing Drew Bedwell and his anti-NH 2020 group with the old Know Nothing Party of the 1850s, and Mr. Brooke is clearly in the anti-NH 2020 corner.

So let’s have a look at NH 2020 and what has happened so far.

NH 2020 was set up to gather existing datum of the flora and fauna of Nevada County, verify and plot that information on maps, study the result, and make recommendations to the county Board of Supervisors for review, approval and submittal to the voters.

Early on opponents cried out, “They’re sending jackbooted troopers to trespass your land and ignoring all your property rights.” It never happened. Not one case was reported. Information was gathered from existing sources and verified in the field from public property. Private property was entered only upon invitation.

Then opponents claimed the plan was to take land by the right of eminent domain. Surprise, surprise, in the reports submitted there is no hint of the taking of land. Sometime during study it was alleged that United Nations agents were plotting to buy up Nevada County at discount prices. I believe that crazy lie died a quick death.

Now Drew Bedwell would have us believe the sky will fall if the “Biological Inventory Maps” are made public record. Yet he must know the information shown is already public. This is just another scare tactic.

Brooke closes, referring to Starr: “He’s a lawyer. He’s a liberal. Beyond that, I know nothing.” Well, he has that much right. And maybe that’s why he hates Lincoln.

Jack Flannigan

Grass Valley

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