Stan Meckler: If Obama’s policies are working, why such low approval? |

Stan Meckler: If Obama’s policies are working, why such low approval?

Stan Meckler
John Hart/ | The Union

In response to Nancy Eubanks’ March 7 op-ed, I would like to correct a few errors in her presentation.

First, Ms. Eubanks throws out statistics and numbers without sharing where she got them. “Seventy two percent of American people support raising taxes on people making over $250,000 annually”. Really?

Where did that number come from?

“Seventy percent support paid sick leave.” “Sixty percent support free community college.” “Seventy one percent support raising the minimum wage.” “Over 70 percent support fixing our infrastructure.”

All these figures are presented to us without any supporting documentation. We should know where her supporting documentation comes from.

Ms. Eubanks talks about fairness, but fails to recognize that each and every program she wants to implement will cost the taxpayer, you and I, millions if not billions of dollars.

Does she realize that amount would fall mostly on small businesses, the kind that this community needs most?

John Stossel wrote, “If the IRS grabbed 100 percent of all income over one million dollars, that’s only a third of this year’s budget. Our national debt would continue to explode.”

Let’s all understand one thing: whatever law, regulation or tax is passed by a government agency, the poorest among us will get hurt the worst.

Fairness is the mantra of the left and what has it gotten us? We have more people on food stamps than any time in our history. There is more poverty in the inner cities and much worse schools throughout the country.

Public employee unions are draining much needed money from schools and teachers.

Our infrastructure is falling apart. We no longer have secure borders and illegal aliens are flooding in and straining cities around the country. And, I won’t even go into foreign policy.

The “official” unemployment rate is 5.6 percent; however, most respected economists agree that the real unemployment rate is at least 16 percent. If you include those that are no longer seeking employment because no jobs are available and those that are forced to work part-time, the 16 percent is a very viable number.

Obamacare states that if an employee works over 29 hours per week, that company must provide health care. So, employees are put on a part-time status to avoid paying for health care.

The employer has three choices: raise their prices to their customers, eat the increased costs, or lay off employees. These are three really poor choices.

Then she tries the old liberal mantra, “The Republicans are the party of no”. Harry Reid has blocked almost 300 bills that were sent to the Senate from the House.

Included in those bills were some great ideas on how to reform health care, without hiring 16,000 IRS agents to police you and I to make sure buying what the government told us we must buy.

There were a number of bills to get our economy rolling, to build roads, and most importantly, to get people employed. So, which is really the party of no?

If President Obama is as popular as she says, why is his approval rating at just 40 percent. Shouldn’t it be somewhere between 50 and 60 percent if her reasoning is followed?

I agree that we must support the middle class, but the middle class has shrunk more under this administration than in most past administrations. The policies of the left have never worked in any country where it has been tried.

Countries that have universal health care are struggling to stay afloat because it just doesn’t work. Italy, which has one of the most liberal policies towards workers, is in the toilet, as is Spain, France and Greece.

The United Kingdom is beginning to strain under the huge and rising costs of health care. Some of the Scandinavian countries are also starting to feel the pain.

What we all need to do is elect leaders in both parties who will quit squabbling and get the people’s work done. They are our employees and we should demand nothing less. Let’s work together like we do on The Union’s Editorial Board.

Stan Meckler, who lives in Grass Valley, is a member of The Union Editorial Board. His opinion is his own and does not represent the viewpoint of The Union or its editorial board.

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