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Stalinist Chimps on the attack again

Gerald Robinson

All too often I read statements in the letters to the editor, claiming to be fact, not opinion, that are total fabrications. I have begun to call the authors of these falsehoods Stalinist Chimps, not an original term, but one I heard somewhere.

What Stalinist Chimps do is, they quote people they disagree with out of context and make up the rest out of whole cloth. Then they attack that person for what the person never said or in this case, a contribution they never received. And in true monkey-see, monkey-do tradition other Stalinist Chimps follow up with letters aping the lies.

A recent example is the claim that Drew Bedwell was in NID’s hip pocket because Ernie Bierwagen was a major contributor to Drew. Ernie is on the NID board. Drew is running for supervisor, not the NID board, which is independent of the BOS.

Drew is considered to be a public figure, so you can pretty much say what you want to about Drew, true or not. The author of the letter is not a public figure, so The Union wouldn’t let me publish his name. It was easy for the author of the letter to make this claim. Either someone told him this fabrication or he just made it up. To determine the truth, I had to get into my SUV, drive to the Elections Office, request the financial documents, examine Drew’s contributions, and guess what? No contributions from either Ernie or NID. Candidates’ campaign contribution forms are public information and can be viewed by anyone.

All too often, we see the Stalinist Chimp phenomenon played out on this page. The reoccurring “UN Conspiracy Theory” is another good example, which in a March 23 quote in The Union is attributed to Supervisor Bruce Conklin and is used ad nauseam by the Chimps to attack his opponent.

Now there is another example emerging. The Stalinist Chimps are at it again, claiming Drew is a John Bircher. Where do they come up with this stuff?

Gerald Robinson

Nevada City


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