Spay and neuter, or you are responsible |

Spay and neuter, or you are responsible

Hurrah to Cheryl Wicks for her excellent article on spaying and neutering pets! I am a volunteer at the Nevada County Animal Shelter and if I had a dollar for every unneutered and unspayed dog I walked, I would be well on my way to funding a much needed spay/neuter clinic in Nevada County! Some of these dogs get claimed by their owners, but most do not. I wish there was a law that anyone redeeming their unspayed/unneutered dog be required to spend just one week working in a shelter. Maybe then they would realize that they are ultimately responsible for the high numbers of euthanasia on unwanted dogs. It is unlikely their dog was just going for a stroll. The results are more litters of puppies every year than there are people to adopt them.

And if you end up with a litter of unwanted puppies or kittens this year, please spay and neuter them before finding them homes! Giving them away unspayed and unneutered in front of stores is the ultimate act of irresponsibility. Some will get good homes, but some will not. The ones that don’t usually end up at shelters after making more puppies and kittens, never being claimed by their uncaring owner. Bringing your litter of puppies or kittens to a shelter is only making someone else responsible for a problem you created. Spay and neuter your pets … and you won’t have the problem.

For anyone who has ever adopted an animal at a shelter … thank you!

Kathleen O’Sullivan

Nevada City

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