Son’s addiction, mom’s compassion |

Son’s addiction, mom’s compassion

A mother’s compassion – that’s what led me to the phone call that would change my life and my son’s life forever.

I love my son, Terry, and I am a mother who is desperately seeking a way to save my son or someone else’s child who is on drugs.

Look at all the pain of the people we have already lost. Look at what drugs have done to them. What is so sad is that this is just the beginning – it’s going to get worse.

The Bible says to know that he who saves the sinner from the error of his ways shall save a soul from death. That was what was in my mind when I called the police to tell them where to find my son, who was hopelessly addicted to methamphetamine.

When Terry was in rehab for three months, I was told not to rescue him. But if I didn’t “rescue” him – by turning him in – where would he be now? He’s in jail, but I fear he would have been dead otherwise.

Mothers and fathers, it is a war out there. Put on your armor and get out there and fight for what is right for your children, grandchildren, loved ones, etc. If you see someone on drugs or in a bad situation, pray for them. Don’t be angry at them. Look at them – they need help. Try to give them a different sense of direction, not discouraging thoughts. Show them your love and compassion. Look at them – they are definitely needing something.

Let me speak to the young people who are on drugs and having kids. Change your life! Do right by your kids. Don’t be strung out during the most crucial years of their lives – break the pattern now. If you do, you won’t suffer later.

A life of drugs is a life of pain, and as a former addict, I can certainly vouch for that. It means going down a lifeless road that takes you to early aging, rage, anger, a mind that is losing control, a body that is lifeless and a soul that is losing its faith.

Hitler created methamphetamine to make his soldiers stay awake and do certain things, whatever he wanted. Their minds were altered and their bodies were fast, but weak, and their souls were crying.

Do you think the devil cares about drug users? I am here to tell you he doesn’t. He is here to seek and destroy you. From what I am seeing in the world now, what parents need to do is help their children by building their faith in God, praising their dreams, giving them hope and having ideals they can look up to. Otherwise, you will lose them to a sick society that is just going to get worse.

Think of a world where there are no drugs, no pain or sexual abuse. It could be nothing but love, blessings, honor, glory and power forever.

Try to learn to trust yourself. Make choices that are good for your child. If you change your emotional priorities and values, your entire world may be suddenly transformed. You may find – hidden inside you – a vast capacity for love, guilt and protectiveness that you didn’t ever know was possible. You may feel a new closeness to your family.

Things that used to be important to me before, material things, just don’t mean anything anymore. My emotions have become super-sized. These heightened emotions have led to a new view of not only my family’s little corner of the world, but also the world at large.

I now look ahead to how I can help my family and friends. Why don’t you do the same?


Toni Pettigrew is the mother of four sons. One son, Terry, is in the Wayne Brown Correctional Facility awaiting trial on charges allegedly related to his methamphetamine use.

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