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Simple ideas to address traffic woes

Sherri Baxter

The new light at Main and Bennett is great, but it backs up when people are trying to turn right into the post office. Being a bus and taxi driver, I go through this area all the time. There is an easy fix to the post office problem. Turn it around. Have the cars enter on Bennett Street from East Main right turn only and exit onto East Main Street right turn only. All they have to do is change the direction of the parking lines and put the mail box on the side of the building. Problem solved.

The other problem is when you’re trying to get through the light heading toward South Auburn, only two or three cars can go forward if there is a long line to make the left turn. If you cut the sidewalk back to Marie’s corner, which is only about 3 to 5 feet, it would free that area up.

Last but not least. Why don’t we use the volunteer police to help free up traffic during peak times at all the schools going and getting out? If they were to direct traffic at all major spots, we would have fewer traffic jams.

Good spots for the volunteer police might be Gilmore and Scotten schools: coming out and going in to Gilmore, Mill and Main at the lights at South Auburn and Main.

Nevada Union: Hughes and Ridge, Sierra College and Ridge, Via Vista and Ridge, four comers and at Searls and Ridge, Hughes and Main and Main and Mill.

Nevada City schools: four corners and at Searls and Ridge.

Hopefully the officials will take a look at these ideas and give it some serious thought to help improve the stress of driving at the times and locations around the area.


Sherri Baxter is a resident of Grass Valley.


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