Signs, Opinion page are our voices |

Signs, Opinion page are our voices

Sometimes it’s nice to sit back and listen, like the artist who backs away from his painting to better visualize. I’ve always been a strong supporter of The Union’s Opinion page, because it represents the pulse of our community, a place for us to express ourselves openly about issues. That’s why I’ve always urged the editor to print all opinions no matter how dumb they might appear. It really angers me to read opinions by people who want to deprive others of their First Amendment privilege. They not only want to snuff out contrary voices, but label them as being “extreme,” or “negative.”

Most of us are aware of the Jewish Holocaust in Germany. I hope we never forget it. It’s obvious that the only thing people know about local and world events comes to us through the media. Therefore, let’s assume that Hitler derived his power through the German media. I doubt that Germans read (or heard) about what was happening to the Jews in their media. Individuals and groups were systematically suppressed. Their voices silenced, as though they never existed.

I hope you would-be-dictators see yourselves in this mirror, and allow others the free speech you expect for yourselves. It isn’t those who disagree with you that are responsible for the division and dissension in Nevada County that you’re complaining about. Could it be your aggression … like spoiled children who can’t understand another point of view? “Your” Board of Supervisors went over the heads of our (other) elected representatives to get Wild and Scenic designation for the “tame” Yuba River. They went to Sacramento to try to ban all logging. They rejected a petition signed by over 8,000 people who want NH 2020 put on the ballot, but accepted big money from outside special interests backing it. Benevolent dictators?

After reading the above, don’t you think that the only voice many people have in Nevada County … is one supervisor, The Union newspaper, and those anti-NH 2020 signs you want removed?

Bonnie McGuire

Nevada City

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