Sierra Club supports fire-safe landscaping |

Sierra Club supports fire-safe landscaping

Don MacKenzie’s recent column contained good advice along with inaccurate statements. The Sierra Club wholeheartedly supports homeowners making their home more fire safe. In the urban-wildlands interface defense zones, current regulations allow clearing fuels around the home. It is up to you, not the Sierra Club, to protect your home.

However, the cheap comment that “as you are going through the ashes, they may be on hand to protest the removal of your dead trees” is uncalled for. I know of no instance of the Sierra Club protesting the removal of dead, burned trees from around your home.

He calls for embracing diversity. But SPI is not embracing diversity when it plans to clear-cut 1 million acres of its ownership of 11/2 million acres. This will remove soil nutrients and habitat for wildlife and add pesticides to the environment. The Sierra Nevada Ecosystem Project called for maintaining diversity by creating a forest mosaic. Environmentalists support this diversity by honoring all species, including humans. And without the diversity of species, humans lose quality in their life.

He also writes that most of the wood homes in Nevada County are located within clear-cuts. It is true that miners clear-cut the area in the 1850s, but since then trees have re-grown and most homeowners do not now live in a clear-cut. But these second-growth trees are still not the large old-growth trees that were here when people “rode horses through an open county of widely spaced trees.” And we will not get them back by clear-cutting on a regular basis. Uneven-aged management can meet our demand for wood when it is coupled with smaller houses, reduced paper use, use of recycled wood and other modern building techniques. At the same time, we must push other countries for more sustainable forestry.

Carolyn Hinshaw

chairwoman, Sierra Nevada Group, Sierra Club

Nevada City

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