Shift Middle East role |

Shift Middle East role

Out of deep concern Grass Valley Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) wish to share with The Union readers our deep concern for the situation in the Middle East.

We support the following views expressed by Jewish peace advocates in a recent New York Times ad: “The occupation of the West Bank, Gaza Strip, and East Jerusalem is killing Palestinians and Israelis alike and destroying Israel from within.”

We urge:

1. That the U.S. join in the immediate formation of an international peacekeeping force to protect Palestinian and Israeli civilians from violence.

2. That the U.S. Congress suspend all U.S. aid presently provided to Israel and to Palestine until a viable peace accord between the two is achieved.

3. That the U.S. support intensified efforts through strengthened communication with Palestinian authorities, to identify and stop suicide bombers causing loss of innocent lives in Israel.

4. That the U.S. intensify efforts, through strengthened communication with Israeli authorities, to identify and stop the seeds of violence such as the continued expansion of settlements as well as current military action including:

— use of military weapons that do not distinguish between military and civilian targets.

— indiscriminate destruction of homes and infrastructure.

— attacks on medical personnel and blocking access to medical care.

5. That the U.S. contribute to efforts seeking a just solution to the plight of Palestinian refugees.

6. That the U.S. continue effort and leadership to insist that the ultimate outcome in the Middle East be a permanent peace based on two neighboring and equal states – a viable Palestine and a viable Israel.

We believe that present U.S. policies in the Middle East are harming all peoples of that region and are making them less secure, not more.

Grass Valley Friends Meeting

Russell Jorgensen

Nevada City

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