Searching for an inclusive view |

Searching for an inclusive view

The U.N./NH 2020 conspiracy story (The Union 5/1) was sadly laughable, as was the Nevada County school system/U.N. conspiracy story. Where are these private property groups in regard to NID’s plans to doze across Banner Mountain? In regard to the criminality of privilege such as in the Enron case? Or with regard to the stripping-away of our Bill of Rights in the name of an undeclared war on terror; or as they say in Texas, the war on terra?

The 12 families spoken of, the rightfully feared One World government, are probably the same ones who brought us Sept. 11, the ensuing massive military build-up at the expense of social programs and the environment. Blatantly, we’re asked not to investigate, lest we fall short on resources. Hello? Is this the same conspiracy viewed from opposing sides? Can we name and number other possible sides and viewpoints, ponder and discuss them, intelligently, without rabidity? Must we continuously be divided, split right down the middle, against each other? “Liberty is not license to do whatever we want to do; it is the freedom to do what we ought to do.” And what we ought to do has been laid out to us for millennia; love thy neighbor, tell the truth, don’t kill, don’t steal. Is there a way through our current global miasma, one that is inclusive of all life? I, for one, would be wary of a man running on an agenda of “NO” and going on about the (“evil”?) efforts of the United Nations, or of good local people trying to do right by all living and future beings. To paraphrase a great man of the people, Woody Guthrie (yea, yea, commie-socialist folk singer that he was, he was far braver and freer than any two George Bushes I know of!), “Your land is my land.” I’d be damned to just sit back and watch anyone dam, doze and destroy what I feel obligated to protect for our progeny!

Nory Fussell

Nevada City

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