Scotts Flat is a reservoir first |

Scotts Flat is a reservoir first

May those be reminded that feel Scotts Flat is a lake that was built for their pleasure, it is actually NID’s reservoir to supply drinking water for the faucets of Nevada City and Grass Valley.

The reason the reservoir is low now is because we have had to date of the complaint 170 days of no rain. The Cascade-side boat ramp is closed when the water level drops below the concrete because trailers will most likely get stuck in the mud. There is another boat ramp open on the other side of the reservoir for your pleasure.

The complainers said they had a canoe and a kayak. Those crafts are usually purchased so they can be carried to the water. The reason the Cascade gate is welded closed is because the beer-drinking jerks cut the lock and proceed to burn picnic tables, and two boats have been sunk just for the fun of it. The trash they leave behind is unacceptable.

Many things would be left open or unblocked if our society still had some respect for their surroundings and each other. So you spoiled folks who think everything is for your pleasure, not so. Life is a lot more difficult if you whine and don’t bother to understand the facts.

If we all could respect each other, life would be so much more enjoyable for all of us. Now Grass Valley plans to spend tax dollars to put speed bumps all over town because drivers won’t “slow down.” What’s happened to us? Why can’t we respect each other and why do we have to be someplace before we get there?

Chuck Carlson

Grass Valley

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