Schiavo’s death spurs readers’ comments |

Schiavo’s death spurs readers’ comments

Greed, courts killed Terri

Many of us have been touched by Terri Schiavo’s tragedy. Reactions to the way she’s been treated by her estranged husband and the courts vary. Given the facts, to a question: “Should a disabled person be denied food and water?” AZogby poll found 80 percent said she should not, 7 percent approved.

From various reports, it became clear that Michael Schiavo conspired with a euthanasia promoter George Felos and the district Judge Greer to get rid of his wife, using up almost a million dollars to see her dead instead of providing care and rehabilitation as he promised.

The refusal of the federal judge and higher courts to review the case in view of new evidence amounts to a miscarriage of justice. No wonder people talk about “judicial dictatorship.”

During Terri’s last hours the Rev. Frank Pavone, her brother and sister prayed for her, held her hand, read Scripture, and prayed the rosary before they were forced out on Michael’s order.

The Rev. Pavone described to the media the horrifying dread in Terri’s face, her parched lips and expression of sorrow as she was dying. That’s why he told reporters that Michael Schiavo, his attorney Mr. Felos and Judge Greer were murderers.

Peter Pohorsky

Grass Valley

Explain this to me

Why is it that a cognitively impaired serial murderer cannot be put to death, but a cognitively impaired innocent woman was?

Linda Paddock

Grass Valley

Men responsible for bulimia

A letter in a recent edition of The Union asked why bulimia killed Terri Schiavo, Karen Carpenter and other young women.

Permit me to offer a possible answer. It is ironic that the question was posed by a man. Bulimia is rampant in this country because of the impossible standard that American men have placed on women to be thin and beautiful. (I say “American men” because this standard is not evident in the 14 other countries in which I have traveled.)

“Trophy” wives and girlfriends are in great demand in this country, even by men who themselves would register less than five on the attractive/trim scale. If Madison Avenue, haute couture designers (many of whom are gay men) and the majority of American males would stop requiring women to be rail-thin and drop-dead gorgeous, women would stop trying to live up to a Barbie-doll standard. Believe it or not, there are more important qualities in a partner than the outer shell. Grow up, guys, and discover what they are.

Pat Lane

Grass Valley

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