Schiavo case is a study in hypocrisy |

Schiavo case is a study in hypocrisy

I wonder about the people who supported Terri Schiavo’s life extension and why they are silent in the face of massacres in Rwanda? The Congo? Somalia? Why is no one in the streets protesting the ongoing rape and abuse of women here and elsewhere? What is driving this inconsistency regarding the value of life?

A personal issue between a family and their doctors has been imposed on the public by the Right to Life organizations and their use of the media.

I have become very aware of two different groups of fundamentalist Christians. There are the “Right to Suffer” believers, based on the suffering and death of Jesus, and the “Right to Joy” and renewal people, focused on His resurrection and the life He led.

The “Right to Suffer” wing of Christianity insists on bringing forth unwanted children to unprepared or dysfunctional mothers who, should these children go astray, are willing to end their lives through execution. These “Right to Suffer” groups hit the streets to keep a Terri Schiavo alive while rushing to sign their own medical directives to assure them of the right to die. These are the same people who are willing to send our sons and daughters off to die in a war far from home.

One of the leaders, Tom Delay, had the right to pull the plug on his father when he was critically injured with no chance for life. The then Gov. Bush signed a law into place in Texas that dictates that after six months of life support, the plug will be pulled to save the cost of care.

We have the technology to keep a brain dead person alive forever. Terri was kept alive by artificial means. Does that mean that a person dying of cancer must be put on a feeding tube? Do the Right to Life groups know that people who are dying stop eating and drinking. At what point would they have felt Terri’s suffering was complete? Her heart could have out beaten her parents. How then shall we be allowed to die?

In terms of starvation, other than the fact that the medical community tells us she did not have the capacity to feel any pain, if you or anyone you know has ever fasted, you would learn that while the first day or two can be uncomfortable, you lose the hunger pangs and begin to feel quite light and blissful. People choose to fast for many reasons for up to 10 days and return to eating feeling cleansed and clear.

Given the Christian teaching of life eternal and goodness that awaits us, why would we cling to the idea that any sign of life should be sustained?

The Terri Schiavo show was a right wing directive aimed at the politicians flexing their muscles and keeping them hopping while 85 percent of America watched quietly in disagreement and disgust.


Marilyn Nyborg has been a resident of Nevada County for 17 years. A technical recruiter in Silicon Valley and spiritual activist.

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