Save our trees! |

Save our trees!

I am writing to you to both inform about, and protest, the imminent destruction of two of Nevada County’s magnificent heritage black oak trees.

These trees are probably around 200 years old, having withstood flood, famine, war and automobiles. Two gentlemen, who are involved with widening Old Auburn Road along our property line, want to destroy our lovely trees simply to widen our road.

We purchased this property in 1995, partially because we love the quaint road, meandering, as it does, throughout the countryside. They say that it will make the roadway safer for drivers. However, people now drive around 30 to 35 miles per hour, primarily because of the narrowness and the curves.

It is only when they hit a straight-away that they increase their speed to 40 to 50 miles per hour. These men say that they are concerned about water run-off. But the section of the road that threatens the demise of our beautiful trees is on a hill, and any water running off it will run down into a creek on our property anyway, so this doesn’t seem logical or necessary.

They also are afraid that someone may drive into the trees, which to my knowledge hasn’t happened in 150 years. By widening our small country road, we invite people to drive faster and with reckless abandon and a disregard for the many cyclists, walkers and animals who enjoy the road daily.

Anyway, if someone is bent on driving into a tree, he or she will surely find one. I would like to invite the county and any others nature lovers to join us for a ceremony and to pay their last respects to two glorious friends who have graced us with their presence for many years, to say our last good-byes. I doubt that this is what God intended when he gave man dominion over the land and sea. He wanted us to be good custodians of His land, not butcher it.

Pamela Kissler


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