Save Greenhorn: Dump Green |

Save Greenhorn: Dump Green

When the first Greenhorn article appeared in The Union, I knew I was seeing Nevada County’s next Environmental Crisis in the making. I’ve enjoyed my share of wheeled and firearms recreation there. Agreed, the trash and abandoned cars are ugly, and some shooters set up too close to crowded areas. Mr. Mitchell’s observation about trash increasing in direct proportion to dump fees should be taken to heart by “authorities”; economics does indeed rule the world.

But when Barbara Green’s name emerged in the second article, I knew trouble was coming. Just what is it you “can’t condone” about trucks crossing the creek, Ms.Green? The writer describes off-roaders “tearing through the streambed,” evoking an image of yet another pristine landscape ravaged by mankind.

Hansen grades miles of roads through Greenhorn every year in the name of gravel exploitation (which should turn Ms. Green “green” – after all, what could be worse than bulldozing roads for the purpose of raping the land?). Interestingly, these roads must be re-graded every year. Why? Go look at the creek after several days of rainfall; it turns into a full-blown river, spanning the entire width of the streambed, “tearing it up” like no amount of off-roading ever could.

This is the nature of riverbeds, Ms. Green, which is why they are “barren” and “like the face of the moon.” Nevada County voters, is this the kind of person you want creating policy, one who doesn’t understand how riverbeds work, yet claims to be an “environmentalist?” Also, if I were the [diligent] editor of The Union, I would have instructed the writer, Mr. Wiser, to check if shooting is legal anywhere in Greenhorn and report his findings. Finally, to those people who enjoy Greenhorn the way it is: You’d better speak up and make your opinion heard if you don’t want it turned into a “bona fide controlled recreation area.” If you don’t speak up now, then don’t complain when the fences, gates, rangers, “user fees” and “sanitation facilities” come to pass. Some things are best left alone.

Dana Reed

Nevada City

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