Sarah Daley: Here’s what actually happened |

Sarah Daley: Here’s what actually happened

In her opinion column, “What Just Happened?” Ms. McLaughlin states that the mob who attacked and killed a Capitol police officer was due, in part, to their concerns about the integrity of the election.

These concerns are mistakenly founded on Trump’s lies about the election being rigged and being stolen from him. The evidence actually demonstrated that the 2020 election that elected Biden as our next president was free and fair.

Those who reported this truth included Christoper Krebs, whom Trump appointed to be the director of cybersecurity of Homeland Security; Trump’s lawyers who knew committing perjury in the courtroom would disbar them from practicing law again; secretary of states, including Republican Brad Raffensperger in Georgia; and even Attorney General Bill Barr.

The Supreme Court in a unanimous decision also refused to hear this case. Finally, Trump ordered recounts in six states, and all the recounts showed that the numbers were correct.

Biden won, and Trump lost.

Ms. McLaughlin also stated that some of the anger was due to “pent up frustrations of citizens stripped of their livelihoods and freedoms during the pandemic.”

No governor wanted to shut down their economy. It would be illogical to think that one would. Remember Gov. Newsom had a $53 billion surplus in January of 2020? Now California is projecting a $54 billion budget deficit through June 2021 as surging unemployment caused by the pandemic-related shutdowns slams the economy.

All governors also understood that issuing stay-at-home orders created personal and financial pain for each unemployed worker. Each governor who issued stay-at-home orders did so in an effort to mitigate the spread of the virus.

Each one was trying to keep their constituents alive. If they had any other choice, of course they would have chosen differently. But they did not. To think that they did demonstrates a lack of understanding about how airborne viruses spread.

Ms. McLaughlin acknowledges that President Trump’s rhetoric also played “a part” in inciting the mob to attack our federal legislators. Instead of being a part of the reason, I think his rhetoric and lies were the only reason.

They went there in the hope that the mob would intimidate Vice President Pence into declaring Trump the winner of the election. Despite Pence’s four years of loyalty to Trump, members of this mob were shouting “Hang Pence!” because he told Trump that he was going to follow his constitutional role of counting each state’s certified votes, knowing that he would then declare Biden the winner.

They believed they were justified in trying to hang Pence for doing his constitutional duty because it would confirm what we already knew: Biden won the 2020 election.

Finally, Ms. McLauglin compares the mob who attacked police officers and bludgeoned one to death to the protesters in the Black Lives Matter movement. She shows evidence through some headlines that progressives are also using inflammatory language to incite violence.

She is mistaken that African Americans would take these headlines literally and create mob violence against white Americans. Right now white officers are still killing unarmed black people statistically far more than they kill people in any other demographic group. Black people are not going to be stupid and deliberately start mob violence because they would only be making it easier for white people to kill them.

It is also important to understand the differences between these two groups. Unlike the planned mob violence that tried to attack the legislators in the Capitol, any riots that occurred during the Black Lives Matter protests were spontaneous and a reaction towards another white police officer who killed an unarmed black man.

Some of these rioters looted local businesses, which is wrong, and Biden denounced those illegal actions. But they did not intend to kill anyone and did not do so.

Comparing riots connected to Black Lives Matter to the Trump supporters who intended to kill people and killed a police officer is like comparing apples to oranges.

Sarah Daley lives in Grass Valley.

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