Russ Steele: Time for climate change reality check |

Russ Steele: Time for climate change reality check

Now that we know the UN IPCC climate change reports are the result of scientific fraud, claiming that humans cause global warming, it is time for a reality check. You can make your own assessment from the news, but what are your children being taught about global warming in their schools? Are your children’s teachers telling them that humans are responsible for global warming? Or, are they attributing climate change to natural climate cycles? Are you sure?

A year ago, I sent e-mails to all the Nevada County school superintendents, asking if their schools were teaching students about climate change. If climate change was being taught in the classroom, were the presentations balanced and giving both point of view? Were both human caused warming and natural cycle theories being presented and discussed?

Those superintendents who answered back, about 25 percent, said it was up to teachers to decide what to teach about climate change. Not having any children in schools to ask, I dropped my investigation.

Now that the wheels are coming off the global warming wagon, and we now know that the whole climate change scare was really a hoax perpetuated by some agenda driven climatologists in the U.S. and the U.K. It is time for another attempt to get at the facts? What are the schools teaching our children? Are they telling them the truth? Or are they continuing to be propaganda agents for the government?

Looking at the materials available to help teachers with science questions, I discovered a NASA Web site that is trying to convince your children that you, your neighbors and all humans are responsible for climate change. The Web site ( uses emotional pictures of little animals, polar bears, and simulations of sea level rise to scare your children.

NASA ties the rise in CO2 to human activity, claiming it is now higher that anytime in the last 650,000 years. But, if you go back 500 million years and carbon levels were not just 10 to 20 percent higher, they were 10 to 20 times higher, and not just for a fleeting decade or two, but for a staggering hundred million years.

According to NASA, the ice cores going back 650,000 years show CO2 level rose and fell along with temperatures, but they fail to tell the children that any warming occurred hundreds of years before the rise in CO2. It is not good science to hide the facts from students to promote a climate change hoax.

Also, this is the same lie that Al Gore used in his movie “An Inconvenient Truth.” This movie was based on data we now know is a result of scientific fraud. Are your children’s teachers using Al Gore’s movie and this NASA Web site in their classroom?

Are you sure?

It is time to ask your children’s teachers some hard questions:

• What are they teaching about climate change?

• Are they teaching climate change is caused by human, or natural cycles?

• The science is not settled, so are they presenting both sides of the argument in a fair and balance way?

Here are some facts you should share with your children and their teachers about climate change:

• Neither the rate nor magnitude of recent warming is exceptional. The warming during 1975-1998 is similar to that during 1910-1940 and 1860-1880.

• There was no significant warming from 1998-2009. Earth has been cooling for more than a decade, according to satellite temperature measurements.

• The Medieval Warm Period, about 1,000 years ago, was hotter than today, when the vikings were farming on Greenland, which is now covered with ice.

• Sea levels have been rising at rate of 1.6 mm/yr over the last 100 years, which translates into a sea level rise of about six inches by the year 2100.

In 2007 the record-low Arctic sea ice was not caused by global warming, but by wind currents that pushed a massive amount of thick, multiyear sea ice out of the Arctic basin into warmer Atlantic water, according to NASA.

• Analysis of Arctic ice core data demonstrates that CO2 concentrations have not played a significant role in the waxing and waning of past ice ages.

Continuing to the teach children that humans are responsible for climate change will lead them to question all science when the truth becomes known, and they discover they have been fooled by their teachers.

It is time for a reality check. What are your children or grandchildren being taught about global warming?

Russ Steele writes a blog at NC Media Watch ( and will provide references for facts listed above on his blog.

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