Robin Sutherland and Mother Teresa |

Robin Sutherland and Mother Teresa

The last time I made the front page of The Union was because of a gathering my students had with Mother Teresa in 1988. Now Robin Sutherland has propelled me to that honored spot, for I was the audience member at the Penn Valley 4th District Supervisorial debate credited with “a rambling dig at Sutherland?”

I’ll admit it, it was a dig. I knew I only had one question I could ask but I had three burning issues. I was concerned about allegations of dirty tricks in politics, but I also wanted to know why Robin has only pulled the lever once in a Nevada County polling booth and why her attendance at Board of Supervisors meetings is about as common as a liberal at a CABPRO meeting.

For those of you who missed the debate, I’d like to report that it was quite an enjoyable evening. All of the candidates took credit for killing NH 2020, Rene and Izzy took a stand on Measure D (thank you for letting us know where you two stand), Robin called for civility between personal digs aimed at Izzy, Rene was wonderfully self-effacing, the coffee was good and the toilets were clean. All for a $1 donation to the Penn Valley group hosting the event.

The only thing missing was some Prozac or Valium for Robin’s campaign manager who went ballistic after my question and tried to shout down the League of Woman Voters representative.

Although I would guess she has never claimed to be a Mother Teresa, I would still have to say, “Robin, I knew Mother Teresa and you, Ms. Candidate, are no Mother Teresa.” But perhaps you would be willing to take on some of her traits and honestly tell us why you don’t vote, attend supervisor meetings and how you will vote on Measure D.

And thank you to The Union for my new nom de plume, “Rambling Dig.”

Tony Mociun

Nevada City

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