Robin Hood a liberal’s model |

Robin Hood a liberal’s model

The touchy feely liberals who actually believe Robin Hood and his merry men took from the rich and gave to the poor operate in the same manner. They were probably like the gangs operating illegally today. The premise sounds good and anyone unable to reason accepts this logic unquestioning.

Assuming Robin Hood did what folklore claims, there was no doubt who was rich and who was poor. Only the wealthy owned coaches, lived on estates and had servants. The poor were struggling to eke out an existence and pay taxes to support the wealthy’s life style.

In today’s world the poor often live like the rich subsidized by government agencies. There was a time when you worked or starved. If you were born into royalty such as the Kennedys, Rockefellers, etc., pursuit of life was a choice to be made as the future was secure. Compared to most of the world, our poor live close to the wealthy in most countries. The wealthy possess the money and political clout to protect their investments much as the Green Party advocates. This poses a problem for the working class as they are afforded no protection of their assets.

If the Green Party wants your property it can be declared unusable for a variety of reasons championed by environmentalism and supposedly take from the rich to benefit the poor. Some seem to object to paying a fair price as a goony bird is more important. When our land once again becomes the Garden of Eden, can you imagine how deliriously happy the survivors will be. Land has many uses to insure mankind’s survival and if left alone we just might make it. Until we all either become brain dead or indoctrinated rich and poor will exist with the workers carrying the load; let them keep what they worked for.

Frank Haggerty

Penn Valley

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