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Rita Behr: Fire reduction measures

To reduce fire danger:

Cut the amount of foreign timber sales coming into the U.S. Increase value of U.S. logs.

Make short log-portable saw mills available and allowable to use.

Recycle our glass and tin by burning some of the brush and scraps from log mills to melt and reuse the glass and tin. Glass and tin are two of the only natural infinite recyclable items on Earth. Forced oxygen and wood burning temps would heat up enough.

Make wood products with small businesses.

Make roofing and siding with cement boards or preformed cement walls, maybe even roofing

Make homes underground. Easy to heat and cool, and could even plant a garden on top.

Make use of brush and wood by products by burning them to make electricity.

Offer to purchase at a low price from private property owners, their brush and some trees. No fining people into losing their property. No bad guy!

All there was left standing after one of the high wind, “torch fires” at a commercial building in Paradise (Camp Fire), was rock, cement and steel. Guess what does not burn very well? Only one guess though!

Now if you read this, I will not charge you my normal $1 million consultation fee. One person had to figure out what we really need to do. Not one giant agency. What do we know? Remember to do unto others as you like done unto you. Make solutions that will work for all. Don’t go the bully route, you will make enemies. Panic and fear can run over people, don’t let that happen. You can do a much better job addressing the issue with some calm thought. Let logic and not fear lead you.

This is also directed to you, Grass Valley City Council. Please recede and re-think your vegetation ordinance 8.16.200 to 260 approved on Aug. 22, 2017. That ordinance is more like a weapon. It has the potential to unleash many injustices on the landowners of Grass Valley. One can accomplish much more without fear. Look at all of the ideas I provided above. None of them attack anyone else, except for foreign wood imports.

We have a right to protect our own jobs, and save our homes and communities from fire.

Rita Behr lives in Grass Valley.

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