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Rick De Knoop: Consider yourself warned

In mid-October I submitted a column warning of the affects of the blatant soak-the-rich aspects of Prop 15. I pointed out that in the thirst for more dollars, our liberal and progressive friends have demonized and have almost made a sport out of trying to punish the very businesses that drive a huge part of our state economy.

I warned that if it keeps up, people like Elon Musk will leave our fair shores for other states that will create a welcoming atmosphere for them with lower taxes and far less burdensome regulations.

In their zeal to undo Prop 13, they have tried to make almost criminal charges against these companies for being so successful. About 60% of our state tax base is paid by the top 5% of the income chain.

On Dec. 11, I saw an Other Voices article that revealed that Hewlett-Packard is closing its headquarters in Silicon Valley and moving to Texas. On the front page of Yhe Sacramento Bee this same morning I saw that Elon Musk is doing the same. He already had passed over California and built a billion dollar battery factory in Nevada and now is going to build a $1.1 billion auto manufacturing plant in of all places, Texas.

I can see a time real soon when the Tesla Plant in Fremont will close and all those manufacturing jobs and suppliers will ship out with him. Soon after, I also see Space X leaving Southern California, as well.

OK folks, you weren’t satisfied with their 60% and wanted more. Let me explain it more simply, 75% of nothing is NOTHING. If you listen very closely, you will realize that the giant sucking sound you hear is more business people leaving our lovely state, and with them goes the revenue and well paying jobs that they support.

Let’s face it, people. These businesses don’t need California, but California sure needs them. So keep going after them and we can also get rid of the illegal immigrant problem, as well. We’ll all be chasing them out of the state, so we can all go to work in farmer’s fields and all the other jobs that these hard working immigrants do because those will be the only jobs that will be available.

I worked in agriculture when I was younger, and my advice for you is to get plenty of Ben Gay and sunscreen and get out to the fields and you will soon gain a whole lot of respect for those hard working souls you have seen in the fields as you drove by on the way to your cushy well-paying jobs that will slowly disappear. Thank you and consider yourself warned.

Rick De Knoop lives in Grass Valley.

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