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Rice paddies to be built in Nevada County?

Like indoor skiing in Las Vegas or building suburbs in a forest, you can probably do it if you tried, but it’s environmentally destructive. Yet, some people are converting forests into ranchland and pastures into rice paddies and duck ponds.

What is behind all this? Nevada Irrigation District (NID) has no regard for the county General Plan. The county plans for growth, infrastructure and services, so the county makes a General Plan every 10 years or so.

NID has not made a Master Plan for over 20 years, yet it pushes a $50 million pipeline through our yards to claim all the water they can get. There is no proven need for all that water in this community to justify such a lopsided expansion.

NID intends to profit from water sales out of district, power generation and by enabling “buddy” land developers to get access roads and water at taxpayers’ expense. NID has been scheming for years to accomplish their goals, and now the lamb (Banner Mountain) will be sacrificed.

Artificial demand must justify their biggest pipeline project ever. NID is snipping this project into little pieces. The people at Cascade Shores may think the worst is over, that it’s Banner Mountain residents’ turn to suffer through the destruction of their neighborhood.

Little do they know that Scott’s Flat will be drained twice as fast, deeper and earlier in the season once this pipeline goes online.

The Lower Cascade Canal will be abandoned, with the pipeline through a hundred private properties, no matter what the community wants.

The northern and western county will lose growth options because all water goes south. The Bear River will run lower and warmer.

Instead of making a new Master Plan, NID is threatening homeowners with eminent domain and claims old easements as they please, without regard for owners.

Need for the unprecedented scale of this project has yet to be established. We need a new Master Plan before this pipeline. Think twice before voting your NID director into office this November.

Frans Velthuijsen

Nevada City

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