Response from Dan Logue |

Response from Dan Logue

As a candidate for the 3rd Assembly District, I would like to take this opportunity to respond to Mr. Ackerman’s commentary about a letter signed by the three former Nevada County Republican chairmen.

The three former Republican chairmen’s letter that stated Sue Horne was a liberal was drafted without my aid. Even the authors of the letter stated this point.

The chairmen are leaders who have been elected by Republican voters in Nevada County. As upstanding Americans, they have a right to their opinion as to whether or not Sue Horne is as liberal as they allege.

As an American, I will also strongly defend the publisher’s right to voice his own opinion and disagree with some Nevada County Republican leaders who oppose Sue Horn’s record.

I feel inclined to respond to the publisher’s questions as to what kind of values I have and what kind of representative I might make.

First off, the publisher suggests that Sue Horne might be more willing to compromise with Democratic liberals who run the Legislature than I am.

Maybe he is right.

I, for one, am tired of seeing our tax dollars wasted on illegal immigration, tired of seeing our family values eroded by secular progressives and tired of seeing government eat up more and more of our tax dollars.

If elected, I will continue to fight for those principles Ð even if it angers the liberals who run Sacramento.

My record as a county supervisor shows that I can do an effective job in fighting for my beliefs and effectively serve my constituents at the same time.

On my watch, unemployment and crime have dropped dramatically while median income has experienced one of the biggest increases in the state. Our county’s budget is one of the strongest in the state of California, per capita.

I am not interested in slinging mud. I call on my opponent to join me in a healthy campaign, based upon our records, our values and a Ronald Reagan vision for a greater California.

I understand that during the political season passions can rise, but now is the time to work together to build a freer, safer California.


Dan Logue is the Yuba County District 1 supervisor.

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