Resolutions, laughter and phone books |

Resolutions, laughter and phone books

Let turn over new leaf and eat better

With the onset of 2003, millions of Americans will be making the traditional health-centered New Year’s resolutions: to exercise more, to lose weight, to quit smoking…

This year, let’s expand our sights and our hopes beyond our own health to the health of our family, our natural environment, including the animals, and out planet Earth. In short, let us think globally as we act locally.

Amazingly, each of us can accomplish all that three times a day, by switching from meat and dairy products to convenient, wholesome, delicious, plant-based foods.

In addition to the highly recommended five servings of fresh fruits and vegetables, every supermarket now carries soy-based deli slices, veggie burgers and dogs, heat-and-eat dinners, as well as soy milk and ice cream.

On the first day of the New Year let us turn over a new leaf, kick the meat habit, and get a new lease on our own life as well as the life of our planet.

Paul Kennedy

Grass Valley

Phone book glut

a waste of trees

What on earth am I supposed to do with all these phone books? Andy Rooney ought to do a gripe about this.

Plunked under my mailbox, unsolicited, I periodically find directories from no less than five publishers: (1) Pacific Bell/SBC/Pacific Telesis (that’s just one), (2) Gold Country Inc., (3) TransWestern Publishing, (4) Sure West “Little Book,” and now (5) RCS Directories.

I feel guilty wasting a new book, so I let them lie around until they become an embarrassment. Then I take them to the Loma Rica recycling center.

The duplication is confusing, a disposal problem, and an obscene waste of trees. I’d just as rather keep my old one. My added notations, highlights, and bookmarks make it the most valuable of the bunch.

Carol Kuczora

Grass Valley

Remember laughter in the new year

As we all together journey into our New Year, remember inside of everyone there is laughter just waiting to be heard.

Happy New Year and He Haw.

Doug Wilzbach

Grass Valley

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