Residents fret about fireworks |

Residents fret about fireworks

I’ve noticed that the fireworks booths are up again! It just seems that with the threat of fires so high, the agencies would decide that the risk is too high and that perhaps there’s a smarter way to raise money than selling fireworks. It’s a disaster just waiting to happen!

For those that do buy fireworks, please make a promise to yourself and our beautiful town that you’ll be extra, extra careful when lighting those things off! Wouldn’t you feel terrible when your fireworks show is what starts a huge forest fire? It’s too late to say, “I’m sorry, and didn’t think it would happen.”

Katey Abbott

Grass Valley

I get real irritated every time I think about the legal (so called safe-and-sane fireworks) in the city of Grass Valley. It is all about organizations making bucks.

I have had problems in my own neighborhood because of fireworks in the past. Just two years ago, I had a situation where fireworks were being fired into the air. The situation could have been a real disaster. I even confronted the people involved, which I should not have had to do if the police and fire departments would have done their jobs correctly.

I cannot understand anyone with good common sense allowing uncontrolled fireworks by people who are not responsible or qualified enough to use fireworks. The selling of fireworks within the city limits or allowing them to be used is totally stupid, and like I said, it all stems around organizations making bucks off the sale of them.

Let these organizations find another safe and sane way to make bucks. Just looking at your survey tells me that there are a lot of other people in the city who feel the same way, plus we are using tax dollars to try to control the problems that are caused by this.

Robert J. Davis

Grass Valley

In our opinion in this home, we feel fireworks should be outlawed except those set off by the county, city, or state in which case they are supervised and have have adequate fire facilities available.

Albert Koenig

Grass Valley

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