Rene sets record straight |

Rene sets record straight

The letters to the editor the last few weeks about the reason I am doing a write-in campaign have been so off base, that I feel that I have to set the record straight.

First, I have never made a deal with anyone or group regarding Supervisor Martin. I did have a phone conversation after the March primary, and she asked me to support her. I told Izzy I could not support her because of the way she divided the county over NH2020.

I feel that a supervisor should represent the people and not force her own personal agenda on the people they are elected to serve. Why am I doing a write-in, instead of supporting Robin Sutherland? It?s simple: because of her lack of experience and involvement in county issues. For those of you who think that I should back Robin just because she is a Republican, let me remind you that the office of county supervisor is nonpartisan. And for those who have called or e-mailed me and said that they are putting party before principles because we just have to get Izzy out of office are forgetting why you are a Republican in the first place.

The Republican Party is like a sturdy stool: one leg stands for principles, one stands for values, and the other for character and the seal holds them together. Both Izzy and Robin are backed and funded by special groups; I am not and never will be. I am running to serve the people and not be beholding to any group. The decision to run as a write-in is a long shot and I realize this, but I care about Nevada County. All I ask is that the people look at my record as a former supervisor and compare what I accomplished and what Izzy has done for District 4. In closing, I will say that in my 23 years as a citizen of this great county, I have never seen the political bar lowered as it has in this election.

RenE Antonson

Grass Valley

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