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Readers write

Use restraint when self interest at stake

Should the county reimburse people if they are denied the “beneficial best use” of their property?

In my neighborhood, the Lake Vera area, most land development took place in 1970, before the county implemented more stringent planning requirements. In those Wild West days, a property owner could quarter his parcel on a yearly basis over the counter, if that was the owner’s perceived beneficial best use.

I offer my neighborhood and Brunswick Basin as evidence that some restraint is called for when granting the individual the right to act in his or her self interest.

Jim Hurley

Nevada City

Safest route for

trucks is on Dog Bar

I had to laugh when I read the complaint about the trucks on Dog Bar Road. Hello, the Bear River Hanson gravel plant is on Dog Bar/Taylor Crossing and only three mornings or so?

Lady, did you just move here? Try years and daily. The Dog Bar/Magnolia route is the safest way for these trucks; the only other way is all the way down Dog Bar from GV, which is not safe for big trucks. This town and county are growing leaps and bounds around us. You see a lot of trucks now, and you will see more as time goes on, I’m sure. If you can’t see behind a big truck, don’t tailgate them, as it won’t make them move. Or school buses either, for that matter.

As to the safety of our children waiting at bus stops, they should be 10 feet from where the bus stops to get them, in the safety zone (remember kids?). They shouldn’t be where a truck can hit them. The kids driving themselves are more of a danger on the road, if you ask me. I’ve seen more of them (kids) wrecked than big trucks on Dog Bar. Just since school started, I have personally seen three kids off the road driving themselves. No trucks yet on Dog Bar. I do agree they (big trucks) need to slow down. No load gets delivered or dumped before its time on the road.

Now, that being said, it’s the CHP, not the sheriff, you call for unsafe drivers. That includes cars that drive rude and unsafe on Dog Bar and all other county roads anywhere. Especially the red-light runners of school buses, since the mention of safety for our children being a big focus in this commentary.

Becky Boman

Penn Valley

Ranting and raving

by Loraine Webb

I am not surprised that The Union would give the likes of Loraine Webb so much ink, but I am surprised that the editor would not at least suggest that her ranting and raving does not reflect the opinions of The Union.

She is overlooking the more than 3,000 people who were brutally murdered by terrorists on Sept. 11, and the most recent murders in Bali. She is overlooking the lessons of history with the peace lovers that embraced Hitler. She is stating that war is a conspiracy and overlooks the millions of people murdered by this madman Saddam Hussein.

We must recognize that leadership is sometimes taking positions that are not embraced by the masses and taking actions that are not 100 percent popular. President Bush is a true leader and will be recognized when we have eliminated the terrorists from the world.

James S. Dean

Grass Valley

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