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Readers Write

Bring back the Panoy Thai!

Thank goodness the Paco’s Tacos was rejected. We don’t need another fast food, garbage and traffic-generating restaurant in town. (I don’t even live near a fast food restaurant, yet have their wrappers blow into my yard regularly.)

Why not bring back the great Panoy Thai restaurant that was forced out of its location by another unneeded sports bar? Great ethnic food at a great price. Wonderful small-town atmosphere with regular, returning customers. Enough traffic to keep the business profitable, but not enough to disturb the neighbors.

Tourists come here because it is different from where the live. Why make it more like where they live with more fast food restaurants?

The owner of Panoy was given less than a week’s notice, and deserves better from this community. This community deserves more good restaurants like his.

Darlene Bennett

Grass Valley

Switching of signs makes you wonder

Now that the election is over, I would like to make an observation. On Monday, the day before the elections, I noticed several “vote for Drew Bedwell” signs on my way home. The next morning on my way to vote, they had been removed and replaced with “vote for Bruce Conklin” signs. This from a group who constantly claims anyone against them is dishonest. Makes you wonder.

Michael Brown

Grass Valley

Council member

explains abstention

A Nov. 25 letter asked a reasonable question: When the Nevada City Council voted earlier this year to approve several Chamber of Commerce street closure requests, how come it was passed 5-0, then, when a street closure requests for Mardi Gras was presented to the council on Nov. 14, three councilmen abstained because they have conflicts of interest with the Chamber of Commerce?

Mr. White and your readers need to know that the original street closure request, covering several special events, was approved 4-0 with one council abstaining. Me. I abstain on items brought to the City Council by the chamber because I edit the chamber’s quarterly newsletter – a position for which I receive compensation above the yearly reporting threshold.

As for the other two councilmen who stepped down on the Mardi Gras issue, I was as surprised as anyone when they announced they had conflicts of interest and would not be voting.

I share Mr. White’s puzzlement. Unfortunately, however, consistency is not always present in politics, nor in politicians.

Steve Cottrell

Nevada City

Iraq has the right to defend itself

What are you all going to do when Iraq turns to defend themselves? It’s Saddam Hussein’s country, and his people are with him. It is their God-given right to defend their country, people, children and resources with everything they can muster if attacked.

Who is right? Whose side are you on? Be prepared for a small country to defend themselves with everything they have at their disposal. Our government will call their defense an attack on the USA. The people of the United States are being divided to reduce the power of the people. We must all realize this together NOW . . . and not allow it to continue or we will lose our real freedom and continue to lose our sons and daughters to the corporate desire to control the world.

The very spirit of the American people is being undermined everyday in many ways. Think about it!

Chuck Carlson

Cedar Ridge

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